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Tommy Johnson
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It took me a year to find a Vectrix, and I signed up with ES and V websites, to meet fellow owners and exchange parts, and knowledge. A year and a half later, I find a Leaf pack and did the conversion, and tried to post on V, but my account is not allowed to start new threads, respond to any existing threads, it's so restricted I cannot even send a message to an admin and get help... Unable to reach The Laird, I tried Dugas software, which flashed and bricked both my MC and charger. I tried to call Dugas, even paid $20 for his support, and have not heard a word from him. Tried to send The Laird a message on V asking for firmware, but V has me locked. Now I have a second Vectrix, with less than 50 miles, but will barely make it around the block on its original batteries. I am scared to even try the conversion, because I cannot get any response from anyone. I am having the Vectrix blues....


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Try re registering on V is for vectrix.

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Your story sounds familiar, visforvoltage forums don’t work for me either.

A lot of usefull information on it, posts helped me a lot during the conversion of my vectrix.  And youtube of course.

As for the software, a bit reluctant to try uploading new firmware, bike runs fine how it is, don’t want to break it by experimenting with the software as i don’t know i have the right files to upload.

 Got the diagnostic application to work, can see all the data, it must even be possible to change settings without changing the firmware by the CMD tab in the application, but i don’t know how ...

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