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Don P Y
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I have a 2007 Vectrix.   I purchased in 2011. The batterys failed within the year and Vectrix is a warranty repair (replacement of the battery pack). Since then it woked well until the onboard charger failed September 2013 and I was able to purchase one from Vectrix though a dealer in Oakland.  The charger cost me around $1000 new.

 The scooter has worked great since until January 2016.  Now about 75% of the time itreports a CANBus issue and won't engage the drive.   The CANbus issue is new in January 2016.  I'm thinking there is perobably someone who could use the parts from this scooter.  Probably in this forum?   The batterys seem in great shape.  The charger always works so I've been keeping it charged.   Also when the drive does activate it runs great. 

Any thoughts?   Should this be a parts scooter?



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Jim Lowder
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Where r you located ND how much for it
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