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About us

We have Vectrix scooters.  We love our Vectrix scooters.  We hear that Vectrix will support us.

But all too often people complain that Vectrix has not been very good at responding. Dealers are few. So until that improves, it is vital that we help ourselves.  

The public website is here for the specific purpose of collating any useful information and links to other references.

If you have something to contribute, then use the contact form.  Send the info, or a link.  We'll review it (weekly), if it's safe and pertinent, then we'll let you know how to upload.  You do the upload.

The person doing the uploading is responsible for securing permission to post the information.  If an official complaint is filed, or removal requested by the submitter, then the respective will be removed.

 THIS IS NOT A FORUM -- it's more like a Wiki where you can go get specific information, at the text book/cook book level. 

Keep it safe, clean, NO ADs, applicable and legal (your risk)!