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Tommy Johnson
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It took me a year to find a Vectrix, and I signed up with ES and V websites, to meet fellow owners and exchange parts, and knowledge. A year and a half later, I find a Leaf pack and did the conversion, and tried to post on V, but my account is not allowed to start new threads, respond to any existing threads, it's so restricted I cannot even send a message to an admin and get help... Unable to reach The Laird, I tried Dugas software, which flashed and bricked both my MC and charger. I tried to call Dugas, even paid $20 for his support, and have not heard a word from him. Tried to send The Laird a message on V asking for firmware, but V has me locked. Now I have a second Vectrix, with less than 50 miles, but will barely make it around the block on its original batteries. I am scared to even try the conversion, because I cannot get any response from anyone. I am having the Vectrix blues....


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